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Dekoron Unitherm appreciates your interest in our product and anticipates being able toservice you on any of your future projects. We are sure to exceed your expectations onservice, support and quality. Our quality policy states:

“Dekoron Unitherm is committed to meeting customer requirements andincreasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products,services, and the quality management system. In so doing, employees share asense of urgency in an environment of continuous learning and improvement.”

Dekoron Unitherm innovations were started over Forty years ago. In the early sixties, weobtained patents for our insulated, pre-fabricated heat traced tubing bundles. In 1989 weexpanded our capabilities and increased our production capacity to offer the broadest anddeepest heat control product line in the industry. Several copies of our designs exist todaybecause of our early innovative presence in the market place. Unitherm has been knownor formed part of the following companies as it progressed through the years:

1. Samuel Moore & Company (Early 60s)

2. Div. of Eaton Company (Late 70s)

3. Div. Furon Company. (Mid 80s)

4. Div. of Cable USA Inc. (Late 90s)5. Dekoron Unitherm Inc. (Part of the $7 billion Marmon Group)


Today, Unitherm heat controlproducts remain an efficient, lowcost method for installing heattraced instrument lines. They areengineered to meet the design andoperating specifications of therefining, petrochemical, chemical,power, and associated industries.

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