CNG Ball Valves, Check Valve, Manifold Valves & Couplings


Oasis Engineering is a precision engineering production facility. ISO 9001:2000 certified,

the systems and processes are in place to ensure our CNC machine centres are crafting the most accurate, highest quality components that will meet your exacting specifications.

Oasis Engineering specialises in the manufacture of high pressure fluid control devices for the Natural Gas Vehicle industry (NGV). Oasis ball valves were the first to deliver gas at 3600 PSI.

This innovation and focus on quality remains today with the continued development of lowest life cost products.

Providing CUTTING EDGE solutions for over a quarter of a century, Oasis Products are specified worldwide. We have the skill and capability to develop any stainless part you require to the exact dimensions. 

Talk to our design team, engineer to engineer, to understand how we can solve your problems. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, to your specifications, for the world.


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